Make me Laugh

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  1. .My mother's birthday was May 5th.She resided in a long term care facility for the last four years of her life and though she had Alzheimer's she knew the staff well. I went to visit her on her birthday a couple of years ago, finding her in the dining room mad as heck. "They got rid of everyone I knew and hired all these Mexicans" she loudly exclaimed. I looked around and saw only the familiar - and mostly Caucasian- staff. The room was decorated with pinatas and sombreros. One of her nurses approached and wished her happy Cinco de Mayo. Mom stuck out her tongue and said "They don't even know how to say Happy Birthday in English" We all cracked up, but I did take her to a smaller birthday where she and I just celebrated her birthday.

  2. During mom's last days she withdrew from my sister and I, faced away from us and stopped speaking or moaning. I described her as being non-responsive to a family member who called. As my sister brushed mom's hair we looked at each other and then started crying. Mom turned, looked at us as said " You two are making a mountain out of a mole hill", gave us a stern look, then rolled back over. We sat there speechless.