Nurse to Nurse

     Do you think that being a nurse better prepares you for times of loss in your personal life?  I think many of us are able to be sincerely compassionate with patients while maintaining the professional distance required. When acquaintances have deaths in their families I feel I am able to sympathise and offer condolences with a better understanding of what they are going through. I would never compare their loss to anyone elses but I can identify with where they are on their pathway of grief.  
    When loss occurs closer to home do you feel others are looking at you to see if you are better equipped to handle loss?   Are you better equipped being a hospice nurse ? 


  1. Is it unprofessional to shed tears with family members when your patient dies? If so how do you hold back when you are particularly moved to that emotional place?

  2. I dont think it is unprofessional maybe a bit uncomfortable